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Establishing Your Brand on Social Media

Bill Griffin Owner, CEO of GriffanzaPosted by Bill Griffin
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To effectively spread your brand across social media you first need to identify what and who your brand is. Branding goes beyond a tag line or jingle, much further than a company logo or mission statement. Branding is the soul of an enterprise; it’s where perception and reality kiss in the minds of your consumers and the general public. Proper branding has that emotive ascent tied into the recognition and consistency of a business model. Articulated social brands are a multidimensional participatory art form. Existential and ghostly at once it parlays feelings, memories and anticipation. All of which is inclusive to whomever bothers to take notice or engage.

It is imperative to determine your brand before the message and conversation goes through social media channels.
Establishing Your Brand on Social MediaYour brand connotations need to have systemic patterns because changing direction online in midstream can be confusing and detrimental to your goals. Take the time at the beginning of your venture to get this right and leave room for growth for a logical but adaptable course ahead.  Scrutinize what you believe and test your opinions.

When formulating your brand think through your customer’s anxieties, considering they are just as much a part of it as you are.
Analyze their lives deeply and philosophically. What troubles them? What eases their strife? Look beyond the typical marketing studies and economical motivations. Figure out not only how to solve their problems but in an enjoyable and stimulating way. There are no dark mahogany offices online, you are there to enlighten and befriend not to intimidate and insist.

Accept the fact that the 20th century model of branding a business is over.
There are some aspects that have and will carry over but for the most part the information age, the internet and social media has made this a cooperative, corresponding and engaging culture. Customers can and will rally if they feel they have been treated unfairly, duped or taken advantage of. Prepare for scrutiny, embrace it, learn from it and become a better organization because of it. And conversely do the same with positive feedback and interactions.

Rigidity and an uncompromising company culture will decimate your brand on social media.
It is imperative to learn and keep up with the technology and social platforms. Some social networks may work well in engaging your audience while others may not be so effective. The important thing is to keep an open mind and try new ways to participate. Remember that these are only tools and the overlaying objective is to communicate with human beings. And as far as getting your brand exposed to a new and relevant audience, there is no better way than social media.

Listen with an empathetic ear.
While you may have the knee jerk reaction to intervene in a dialog about your brand on social media it is even more important at times to let your advocates and dejected hammer out the dialog on their own. This will give you legitimacy when people act on your brands best interests without your meddling. It is also important not to shut down unflattering comments as long as the decorum is not too offensive to the community as a whole.

Social Media BrandingResolve customer relation issues as they arise and keep the process in the open.
People can tell when others are being unreasonable, you shouldn’t fear that. It is in your best interest to keep the conversation live as it will prove to others that you have nothing to hide and are dealing with the situation in an honest and forthright way. Companies tend to want to take the unsatisfied off line and assess the grievances there, but that would be wrong. Some of the best opportunities to strengthen your brand are to assuage your customers anger in the open, even if you’re not at fault and especially if it does fall on your side of responsibility.

Social Media and online branding does not solely exist on the web.
In real life (IRL) connections, conversations and meet ups will have a strong impact on your audience and customers. Do not pass up or brush aside the opportunity to attend or organize events that are relevant to your industry or for the betterment of the community. Your organization should be involved physically as well as intellectually. Networking and seminars not only solidify your brand and message it strengthens bonds that may have originated online and will create some of the best referrals and brand advocates you’ll ever ascertain.

Support charities and sponsor causes that are close to your heart, company values and clientele.
This shows that you care about others and that will draw positive attention to your brand as well as a terrific way to interact with a new circle of people and business entities. Participating in community activities and getting involved may also capture favorable attention from traditional media outlets. It will invigorate the disposition of your employees and associates, all of which can and will be related through your social networks.

Social Media and online branding have a lasting impression on consumers, what are some of the strategies that you use?

What are you doing that strengthens and spreads your brand through social media?

Write back we would love to know!


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